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Mission Statement

MMADen is a martial arts gym established in 2011 in Battersea. Our mission is to provide all individuals with a programme of training and personal growth in order to discover their own strength and limitless capabilities. 

We strongly believe in the benefits that martial arts can have on one's life. More than health and fitness, it is also a way to develop confidence, discipline and discover your true potential.

"The MMA den changed my life. Thanks to Victor, I’ve become sober, started my own business & found happiness. From learning new skills to confidence-boosting, this place really is unlike anywhere else I’ve trained. It’s so exciting to think where I will be in a year…" - James, member since 2019

lMMADen is the only martial arts academy in South West London teaching different types of martial arts (Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, BJJ, MMA); with a focus on the development of real combat skills. Our team of coaches includes current and former professional fighters who provide high-standard of training. MMADen is recognised for the high quality of its classes and its uniquely friendly atmosphere.

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