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MMA Den it was opened on the summer 2011 in Battersea as an authentic fighting gym and is now one of the most recognised in London.  Whether you just want learn a self-defence and keep fit, or if you are aspiring to become a trained fighteror even a coach, if you already are a professional fighter and want to improve your skill, the friendly atmosphere and expert trainers will help you to reach your goals. As Mixed Martial Arts and combat sports is one of the best ways to keep fit, socialise with others and develop self-defence skills. We Learn the traditions of ancient Martial Arts such as Muay Thai and Wrestling in an encouraging and challenging way. If you have a fight coming up then prepare yourself as best as possible by working out with some of the best fighters in the UK. For those just looking to get fit or embark on a healthier lifestyle then speak to a member of staff about a personal fitness and nutritional plans.Our MMA Den classes are second to none and you will receive guidance and advice from our highly experienced and enthusiastic trainers who will be with you every step of the way towards achieving your goals.So, come and join the team and become the fittest, strongest and healthiest version of yourself now!

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