If you are looking to train here at MMADen, there are a number of different options available for you. Take some time to read through our pricing list and see what the most suitable option is for you.


1 x Class

5 x Class 

10 x Class

20 x Class






Across both locations we have over 40 classes a week including morning, lunchtime and evening classes for every level from complete beginner to advanced. If you just want to try out a few classes or your schedule doesn't allow full commitment to a membership, we offer pay as you go classes at a great price. 1 class is £12 and you can also purchase bundles of classes at a discounted rate. When you purchase these classes remember that they are applicable across both gyms and you can book on to classes at our MMADen Battersea Park location as well as MMADen Nine Elms. The price to attend each class remains the same across the board, including the 90 minute and 2 hour classes.


Gym Only 1 Month Membership

Limited 1 Month Membership

Unlimited Monthly Membership

(1 Year Contract)

3 Month Unlimited Membership






If you are looking to take your training a little more seriously, make use of the facilities here, then a Gym Membership might be more suitable for you. The 'Gym Only' membership gives full access to the facilities across both gyms. You can come, train and use the equipment which includes cardio machines, free weights, weight machines, bags, gloves, pads etc. The Limited 1 Month membership is in a sense a 'half-board' membership in that it allows for you to book different classes and use the facilities on 15 days of the month, you can pick which. The Limited membership is a one-off payment and has no contract attached. The Unlimited Membership allows you to book unlimited classes and use the facilities across both gyms freely, the exclusive price of this membership comes with the agreement that this will be paid for a period of 12 months. The 3 month Unlimited Membership is a one off payment and gives you the same freedom as the Unlimited Membership but without the 1 year contract.

Personal TraininG

1 x 1-1 Personal Training 30min

1 x 1-1 Personal Training 60min

1 x 2-1 Personal Training 60min


5 x 1-1 Personal Training

11 x 1-1 Personal Training 

20 x 1-1 Personal Training

10 x 2-1 Personal Training




£35 each






Save £20

Save £110

Save £200

Save £100

Here at MMADen we offer top tier Personal Training that integrates the use of a wide range of disciplines including Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA as well as general fitness/ strength and conditioning. We recognise that every individual has different needs and depending on your sports background or any personal injuries you may have, each person receives a bespoke personal training programme order to achieve their goals. At MMAden you will benefit from tailored one-to-one sessions, allowing you to focus on your own needs and giving you the fast track to improving your flexibility, coordination, strength, speed, agility, stamina, technique and self-confidence. Your training is designed to be progressive and challenging and it is recommend train minimum 2-3 times a week in order to maintain momentum and consistency with your training and guaranteeing you are getting the results you are looking for! Payments can be made pay as you go at a standard price of £60 per 60 minute session, though many opt for booklets in order to save money. If you are looking to begin personal training, send an email in roughly explaining your level, goals, availability, how often you might like to train and what discipline you are interested in and we will get you matched up to the most suitable trainer for you.

Kids & teens classes

1 x Class

Full Autumn Term

Half Term





Here at the Den we offer Muay Thai classes for kids aged 5-9 and teens 10-14. We focus our classes around learning Muay Thai in a fun and interesting way for the kids. We encourage the use of this noble martial art in our classes, not only for self-defence but also to improve physical and moral well-being. The classes are friendly and fun, and follow a course structure in which the kids will learn, practice and hone different techniques within this martial art. There is a heavy focus on building each child’s self confidence, whether this be through the gratification of improving on a new skill or through the friendships and bonds made within the classes, your child will surely benefit from training at this gym. The Kids and Teens classes will be starting up again from Wednesday the 1st of September 2021. The classes will run according to term times with 2 sessions a week for each age group from the beginning of the Autumn school term until the Christmas holidays (excluding half term and bank holidays). You can pay for these sessions either pay as you go, per half term or for the full Autumn term. Kids classes run on Mondays and Fridays 5-6pm and the Teens classes every Wednesday and Friday 6-7pm.


Here at MMADen we take our bookings for classes in advance. Download our app MMADen Battersea, available on the App store and Google Play Store. Please click the relevant link below to download the app and book your space in a class today!


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