Boxing classes at MMA Den will make the difference in your boxing game.We are not your typical boxing school down the road. We take boxing very seriously and will change your game to a completely different level. Following the Latin-American School of boxing, we aim to correct balance of body weight to improve punching power while floating on your toes


​Boxing is a fighting sport in which two people hit each other using just their fists with padded gloves over a series of rounds for certain period of time.Boxing Classes at MMA Den Battersea are not like other boxing classes you will find. Although you will be taken through a range of cardio, strength and conditioning exercises at the beginning of the class, our boxing classes will teach you real boxing movements and skills as part of your fitness regime.Our classes allow the complete beginner to learn the technical aspects of this combat sport without enduring heavy blows to the head and receiving black eyes.We do not follow the route of your typical boxercise class because we believe getting fit, increasing cardio-vascular is just a bonus to actually learning the art boxing.You will actually learn how to punch correctly, just like the professionals, in addition to learning the footwork and head movement.