Head coach Victor Espinosa, born in Mexico City in 1973 trained and fought for Keddles Gym in Orpington, Kent for many years. He has extended his training in camps like Somkid-Parade Chukaewroongroj in Thailand, “The Diamond” in the Netherlands, with Ramon Dekkers, Nuevo Jordan Boxing Gym in Mexico City and Cobra Gym in the UK. He was regarded as one of the best pound for pound fighters in the UK, in his weight category. Unlike many fighters, Victor laced up his gloves at the late age of 28 and took the decision to jump in the ring after only 3 months of training. At 40 years old and over 12 years of fighting experience in the UK, Victor has become a well-rounded and gifted instructor and personal trainer. He is the head coach at MMA Den and teaches MMA, Muay Thai / K1, Boxing and Strength & Conditioning.


Solomon Lefleur (“Gully Sully”) has been involved in martial arts for several years and has competed in Boxing and Muay Thai fights. Sully has made a mark in the K1 scene with a devastating style that breaks his opponents not only with a powerful right hand but with fast kicks and is currently ranked in the Top 10 UK K1 Independent Rankings. Additionally, he is now an ISKA K1 Amateur World Champion 2017 after competing in Greece. Solomon has been an important role in the making of many fighters at MMA Den as well as building new talents. Solomon teaches Boxing and Muay Thai / K1. .


Diogo is 30 years of age and proud owner of Roger Gracie's Brown Belt. He started o train Jiu Jitsu in Late 2006 in the interior of Sao Paulo with Alexandre "tattinho" Lopes Oliviera, Black belt of Ramon Lemos. When Diogo was in school, he fell in love with the sport, but he's dad would not let him train. After he moved to Sao Carlos he could start training. In January 2012 he moved to London and started to train with Roger Gracie. Some of Hes titles include -

Brazilian Champion (no gi), Champion in the state of Sao Paolo (no gi), London Champion in absolute gi and third in the category and so on.


Wojciech Nartowicz has practised martial arts since he was 13 years old. He has had over 40 professional fights, with more than half of them in Thailand. He has fought in Rajadamnern Stadium (5 times), live on national television, in the Chang Mai Kavila Stadium and the Fairtex Stadium. He has also had fights in Hong Kong (broadcast live on television) and a championship fight in Malaysia. In Thailand he has trained in many famous and prestigious gyms such as Sit Palang Muay Thai Gym in Ayutthaya and Lanna Muay Thai in Chiang Mai. Wojciech currently coaches and trains at MMA Den and is the I.T.B.F. North-West British Champion (64.5kg) and ISKA (64.5kg) South-West British title holder. He teaches Boxing and Muay Thai / K1.