Freestyle Wrestling

Free-Style Wrestling is a hand-to-hand contact sport involving pinning combinations, throws, holds, tilts, takedowns and a scoring system based on control of your opponent.
Free-Style Wrestling Classes at MMA Den Battersea teach you a wide range of grappling techniques and pinning combinations while making individuals develop a sense of self-reliance which is invaluable for those who suffer from low self-esteem.
Additionally, Free-Style Wrestling Classes at MMA Den Battersea will have a great impact on the mental aspect of individuals. You will gain improved balance, leadership, courage, confidence, determination and self‐motivational skills all adding to the betterment of your lifestyle.


Wrestling is part of the basic foundation for MMA training, if you don’t have any experience or a very limited sports background, we will recommend to start the first two weeks, with BJJ classes or Muay Thai, to build certain level of strength in your joints and more physical awareness’ I
If you are happy to start wrestling for day one please mention the instructor that you are starting and your fitness situation.