Mixed Martial Arts or MMA is a full-contact combat sport that permits both striking and grappling, both on the ground and standing, using techniques from other martial arts and combat sports.
Through 9 years of experience, MMA Den Battersea has developed a system which integrates the fundamentals of striking – through both Boxing and Muay Thai/K-1 – and grappling – with Free-Style Wrestling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – which enables even a complete beginner in martial arts to become highly effective practitioner.
MMA Classes at MMA Den Battersea focus on proficient striking techniques while managing distance. This is followed by a strong wrestling foundation in order to pass the guard leading to a quick finish by ground ‘n’ pound or submission


If you are happy to start wrestling for day one please mention the instructor that you are starting and your fitness situation, as this can be the crucial for your integration and body adaptation, for most people with basic to intermediate sports background a wrestling class a week and 2-3 BJJ classes a week are the foundation for the first month, for a total newbie to sports 2-3 BJJ or Muay Thai a classes a week, concluded this period you will already feel changes in your body and mind-set, please bear in mind that Eating clean and drinking plenty of water are just as important as training.

If you are starting with a very basic or none sport background a special assessment plan or personal training sessions are recommended. (this can be purchased with your first month introductory package)