Muay Thai / K1

Muay Thai or the “art of eight limbs” is a combat sport from the martial arts of Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques. It combines the use of fists, elbows, knees and shins. It is associated with a good physical preparation and produces efficient and fast full-contact fighters

Start Up Programme

The first two weeks (your honey-moon period) are the crucial base of your body and mind set strength adaptation, you don’t have to make the whole lot of kicks/punches and push-ups, but every class you come and train, aim for a bigger number, the rest will come by himself, for most people with basic to intermediate sports background a 3 – 4 classes a week are the foundation for the first month, for a total newbie to sports 2-3 classes a week, after that period you will already feel changes in your body and mind-set, please bear in mind that Eating clean and drinking plenty of water are just as important as training.
When you join-us we will provide you with some start up information and in some cases an assessment to helping you in your quest.
If you are starting with a very basic or none sport background a special assessment plan or personal training sessions are recommended. (this can be purchased with your first month introductory package)


You are a trained fighter, have an important competition coming, don’t leave it in the hands of the judges, get in the best shape possible and jump in to the ring on the peak of your skill, body and mind.
Our philosophy of combat and training methods are focused on improve the 3 elements of a fight:
– Yourself, your training skill, fitness, technique knowledge and self-confidence.
– Your opponent, his skill, body type, mistakes, style of fighting.
– The fight, managing distance, create opportunities, use momentum, deception.
We will manage all aspects of your training programme, depending on the level, nutrition, conditioning and recoverya 3 months of training with us and a 8-20 weeks programme preparation previous to your match is required to achieve success.