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Muay Thai / K1

Muay Thai or the “art of eight limbs” is a form of combat sport originating in Thailand that uses stand-up striking along with various clinching techniques in order to get the better of your opponent. It combines the use of fists, elbows, knees and shins and is regarded as one of the most powerful striking sports, producing efficient and fast full-contact fighters.

Starting Muay Thai

Here at the Den we offer classes suitable for a range of levels, from beginners classes to more advanced classes. The beginners classes here run through a progressive course of all the basic strikes, blocks and footwork that you will need to know when training Muay Thai and once you feel comfortable with these techniques you can move on to intermediate classes. The first two weeks of training (your honey-moon period) are crucial in creating a base for your mindset and strength adaptation. You don’t have to complete all the kicks/punches and push-ups, but with every class  that  you attend you should aim to challenge yourself against your previous class and push for a bigger number each time... the rest will follow. We recommend that you train as consistently as possible if you are looking to see fast improvements, around 3 times a week makes sense for those who are just starting out, though the more you come to classes, train and practice the techniques the more progress you will make! You will already begin to see changes your body and mindset after just a month of consistent training. Remember to eat well to fuel your body and drink plenty of water, this is something that many people allow to lack behind but the maintenance of your health is as important as coming to classes in your progress. 


If you are a trained fighter and have an important competition coming..... don’t leave it in the hands of the judges! Get in the best shape possible and get into the ring at the peak of your skill, body and mind.
The philosophy of combat and training methods that we employ here at MMADen are focused around improving the 3 elements of a fight:
Yourself - your skill, fitness, technique, knowledge and self-confidence.
Your opponent - his skill, body type, mistakes and style of fighting.

The fight - managing distance, creating opportunities, using momentum and deception.
Depending on your level, we will manage all aspects of your training programme including  your diet and nutrition, strength and conditioning as well as your recovery  after the fight. Please be reminded that in order to fight as a part of our club, we require minimum 3 months of consistent training with us. We also recommend a 8-20 week programme before your fight in order to maximise oppourtunity for success. 


Here at MMADen we take our bookings for classes in advance. Download our app MMADen Battersea, available on the App store and Google Play Store. Please click the relevant link below to download the app and book your space in a class today!


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