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Living Near Kensington? 10 Incredible Benefits of Martial Arts

#1 - Lose Weight and Burn Body Fat

When you're kicking pads or figuring out how to take someone down, martial arts is one of the best ways to lose or burn body fat without you even noticing.

#2 - Burn up to 1,000 Calories per Hour

Studies show that practising martial arts burns thousands of calories thanks to repeating the same moves hundreds of times in sparring.

#3 - Get into the Best Shape Ever

When you practice martial arts, pushing yourself to the limit is part of the norm. Having this mind-set encourages you to work hard which in turn pays off not only mentally but physically as well.

#4 - Learn Self-Defence for the Real World

Martial arts prepare you to defend yourself from attackers by giving you the instincts to react quickly in compromising situations which you've learned in class. The techniques you’ve acquired can easily be applicable in real life.

#5 - Inherit More Confidence and Courage

Knowing that you can defend yourself against an attacker or even a larger opponent gives you confidence to face whatever comes your way. It also gives you the courage to step up to any challenge.

#6 - Develop Mental, Strength, Discipline and Focus

When you train martial arts you are constantly put to the test. As frustrating as it may seem we are forced to push ourselves when we are at our weakest.

#7 - Ignite Continuous Self-Improvement

Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually with each training day comes a new challenge encouraging us to step up to the plate and improve ourselves. This allows us to turn our bad habits into good ones and brings us closer towards our business.

#8 - Forge a Warrior Spirit

To conquer adversity, each time we lose to an opponent we grow a little bit stronger. This strength allows us to face whatever life throws at us whether good or bad.

#9 - Release Stress and Boost Energy Levels

Martial arts is one of the best ways to release stress. There's nothing better than kicking pads or punching boxing mitts to release those endorphins.

#10 - Build Lifelong Friendships

When you're surrounded by like-minded individuals on a daily basis, they end up becoming the people you choose to hang out with even outside of training. There's nothing like bonding with people who are motivated by the same things you are and the more you practice martial arts the more you realize how much your life has changed because of it.

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